Matthew Mace

The Quiet Battle: The Struggles and Triumphs in Diagnosing Heart Failure

By Matthew Mace / June 7, 2023

Confronting the Challenges of Diagnosing Heart Failure in a Hospital Environment and the Intricacies of Pulmonary Wedge Catheter Utilization An underappreciated aspect of modern medicine lies in the logistics of diagnosis – notably, the arduous task of diagnosing heart failure in clinical environments. These circumstances demand precision and adaptability, often with limited resources and technological…

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The New Age of MedTech: Leapfrogging Ultrasound

By Matthew Mace / May 3, 2023

The Inevitable Emergence of Sensor Technologies to Surpass Ultrasound In the fast-paced world of medical technology, the status quo is often challenged by innovations that push the boundaries of what is possible. Once considered the apex of non-invasive medical imaging, ultrasound is now facing its own natural limitations in the face of emerging sensor technologies.…

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The New Age of MedTech: Breaking Free from Reimbursement Constraints

By Matthew Mace / April 11, 2023

How Healthcare Providers Are Embracing Emerging Diagnostic Devices Despite Challenges Introduction The United States healthcare system has long been criticized for its inefficiencies, with reimbursement systems often identified as one of the primary challenges. As innovations in diagnostic devices continue to evolve, these reimbursement structures can hinder the adoption of more efficient testing methods, ultimately…

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The New Age of MedTech: Beyond Blood Tests

By Matthew Mace / March 31, 2023

The Need for Innovation in In-Hospital Diagnostic Workflows Introduction In-Hospital diagnostics are essential to providing timely, accurate, and efficient care to patients. While blood tests have seen significant advancements in recent years with point-of-care devices, other areas of in-hospital diagnostic workflows, particularly those concerning non-blood test-based devices, seem to have been left behind. This article…

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Why Acorai? – A Physician View – Göran Rådegran

By Matthew Mace / January 18, 2023

Matthew Mace (formerly of Abbott and a CardioMEMS expert) sat down with Göran Rådegran in December to review the last two years of development and clinical trials with Acorai. They spoke about what the Acorai Heart Monitor may deliver for patients following the upcoming global trials. About Göran Rådegran Göran is a Consultant Cardiologist, Head…

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