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The Quiet Battle: The Struggles and Triumphs in Diagnosing Heart Failure

By Matthew Mace / June 7, 2023

Confronting the Challenges of Diagnosing Heart Failure in a Hospital Environment and the Intricacies of Pulmonary Wedge Catheter Utilization An underappreciated aspect of modern medicine lies in the logistics of diagnosis – notably, the arduous task of diagnosing heart failure in clinical environments. These circumstances demand precision and adaptability, often with limited resources and technological…

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Cardiovascular Repercussions Caused by COVID-19

By Acorai / January 17, 2023

Heart failure patients are at significantly elevated risk of a COVID-19 infection, but also fully healthy individuals have a substantially elevated risk of cardiovascular complications within the first year after even a mild infection. A recent article on the Acorai blog focused on how the Sars-CoV-2 pandemic has reshaped the clinical management of heart failure,…

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How COVID-19 Affected Heart Failure Management

By Acorai / December 15, 2022

The consequence of Covid-19 At the outbreak of the pandemic in early 2020, there was a unanimously manifest worry among cardiologists that heart failure admissions and mortality would rise steeply. This article attempts explaining some of the causes for the significant drop in admissions and what we could learn from it in future heart failure…

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Understanding the impact of the STRONG-HF trial

By Acorai / November 22, 2022

The New Duo in Heart Failure Management? We may witness the marriage of two macro trends in heart failure management – of the recently further manifested advantages of using NT-proBNP and of the routine use of a wireless heart monitor. Will the routine test happily live ever after with a non-invasive intracardiac pressure device? Cardiologists…

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Mitigating Heart Failure Readmission

By Acorai / September 6, 2022

Readmission Mitigation: A Summary Historical studies suggest that high-volume hospitals may have lower readmission rates for heart failure patients and the concentrations of highly specialised practitioners were the formula for readmission mitigation strategies. Recent studies, however, have shown the opposite relation – despite having proven to reduce surgery complications and hospital mortality, their readmission rates…

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Two Proven Strategies to Reduce Readmission

By Acorai / August 7, 2022

Practices to Reduce Readmissions? We previously categorized the causes of readmissions into the following groups; Preconditions, Lifestyle, Economic status, Treatment outcome and heart failure monitoring. Yet, when we look at the factors reducing readmission and how they relate to the causes of readmission, most causes can categorize most of them as either: Patient education measures…

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How to Reduce Heart Failure Readmission

By Acorai / July 24, 2022

Factors reducing readmission Factors that reduce rehospitalisation rates at discharge are most substantial when evaluating Post-discharge self-care and lifestyle factors. In general, self-care education is known to reduce hospital admissions for all condition types, and the effects of these interventions are also in post-discharge HF patient populations.  It is often intuitive that patient education and…

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Heart Failure and the Factors Increasing Readmission

By Acorai / July 3, 2022

Our Current Understanding of Readmissions It is well established that patients with heart failure are at least twice as likely to be admitted for in-hospital patient stay and treatment than their age-matched population controls without heart failure. Whilst the pattern of admission and readmission for this patient population is understood, there is a gap for…

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The Current State of Heart Failure Readmission

By Acorai / June 5, 2022

Context of Readmissions In hospital care settings, Heart Failure (HF) treatment and management are among the leading causes of in-patient admissions, conferring one of the single largest economically expensive and resource-intensive pathologies faced in modern healthcare. Of this economic burden, patient readmission makes up the most significant proportion of the costs associated with patient management,…

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