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Navigating the New Age of MedTech Sales & Marketing series: Buying Behaviours

This blog shares the combined sales and marketing experience of the Acorai team, and it will discuss what we have learned in an ever-changing MedTech and Life science industry. It aims to give other startups and established leaders insights into how the sector has changed and discuss critical themes and activities that will lead to continued product success.   Changing market…
Matthew Mace
July 17, 2022
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The Current State of Heart Failure Readmission

Context of Readmissions In hospital care settings, Heart Failure (HF) treatment and management are among the leading causes of in-patient admissions, conferring one of the single largest economically expensive and resource-intensive pathologies faced in modern healthcare. Of this economic burden, patient readmission makes up the most significant proportion of the costs associated with patient management, and despite readmission reduction policies,…
Matthew Mace
June 5, 2022

Can Health Technology Assist Heart Failure Patients In Receiving Better Treatment?

Over the past couple of years, health technology has undergone significant changes and advancements. As a result, doctors and engineers worldwide have been working together to create effective, efficient, and reliable systems that can improve the health care provided to patients. Some of these systems have been specifically designed to treat patients who suffer from heart failure. But, unfortunately, this…
Jakob Gelberg
November 22, 2021