Heart Failure start-up, Acorai, wins US and UK healthcare support

HELSINGBORG, Sweden, Nov. 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Acorai, a Swedish-based medical device start-up, announces endorsements from two major healthcare players as they prepare the Acorai Heart Monitor for regulatory submission and clinical use within the next 18 months.

Acorai is developing a first-of-its-kind, scalable medical device for non-invasive intracardiac pressure monitoring to improve heart failure management for more than 60 million patients worldwide. The Acorai Heart Monitor has clinically demonstrated accuracies equal to the invasive gold standards in a 200-patient feasibility study.

Investments from NHS-linked Kings Health Care Partners (KHP) and inclusion in the HealthTech Arkansas HeartX program support Acorai’s clinical studies within the UK and US healthcare systems. These studies will generate data across a broader population to increase the robustness and accuracies already demonstrated in the first feasibility study.

Acorai’s CEO Filip Peters said, “Investment from KHP Ventures and HealthTech Arkansas demonstrates that we are addressing a high unmet need within the heart failure space. These partnerships will allow us to build long-lasting clinical partnerships with world-leading institutions and are key to realising our clinical and regulatory milestones. Having partners like these, with a deep understanding of the complexities of bringing a medical device to market, allows us to de-risk our pathway towards commercialisation in 2024.” Jakob Gelberg, Head of Software and co-founder, added, “KHP and HealthTech Arkansas are important proof-of-concept signals for the community ahead of the planned clinical trials.”

Acorai will also expand its clinical studies to other US and European sites in 2023. Still, the two investments from KHP and Healthtech Arkansas are crucial milestones as they demonstrate clinical and corporate endorsement for the development and product strategy of Acorai.

Why Acorai is a game changer in Heart Failure

More than 60 million people globally suffer from heart failure, and approximately 1 million Americans are hospitalised yearly due to worsening symptoms. Despite drug advances and new treatments, up to 30% of patients return to the emergency room within 30-days of discharge. This cycle of admissions and repeated readmissions results in poor quality of life, high patient mortality, and overwhelming costs of more than $100bn for the US health system.

Intracardiac pressure monitoring (ICPM) is the single most effective way to manage heart failure patients, but existing ICPM tools are invasive, high cost & limited in applicability. The Acorai Heart Monitors non-invasive handheld form factor will drastically reduce time and cost for ICPM, making ICPM available for all heart failure patients. Access to these vital signs will improve the quality of care for patients, yield better health outcomes, and result in significant cost savings if deployed across the healthcare system.

Acorai targeting US market expansion

Acorai is backed by Bayer, private investments, and recently KHP Ventures; the team now turns their focus on raising capital from the US investment community to execute their final clinical investigation ahead of FDA submissions by the end of Q4 2023 and commercial launch in 2024.

Over the coming months, Acorai and its employees will have a significant presence across the US for investment and partnership meetings, managing US study sites, as well as attending HealthTech trade shows. The team pass through Little Rock (Nov 1 – Nov 5), Silicon Valley (Nov 6-12), Las Vegas (attending HLTH during Nov 13-17) and Atlanta (Nov 18-20). To get in touch with the team or learn about investment opportunities, e-mail: hello@acorai.com.

About Acorai

Acorai is developing a scalable medical device for non-invasive intracardiac pressure monitoring to improve heart failure management for more than 60 million patients worldwide. The Acorai Heart Monitor uses the patented SAVE Sensor System and proprietary machine learning models, which have clinically demonstrated accuracies equal to the invasive gold standards.

Acorai is backed by Bayer with a seasoned medical device team and corporate advisory board with experiences from GE Healthcare, Occlutech, Abbott & AstraZeneca, and clinical partnerships with world-leading hospitals.

Visit https://acorai.com/ to learn more about Acorai’s potential to become the new standard in heart failure management and a leader in non-invasive patient care.


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