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The new standard in heart failure management

Non-invasive and scalable intracardiac pressure monitoring

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    Acorai has developed a handheld device for non-invasive and scalable intracardiac pressure monitoring, improving quality of care and patient outcomes at a fraction of the current costs in the heart failure workflow

    Four sensor technologies

    Acorai’s SAVE Sensor System ™ is a unique, proprietary hardware architecture combining visual, seismic, acoustic, and electrocardiographic sensors

    Machine Learning

    Acorai’s machine learning engine leverages insights into pressure & flow dynamics in seismic, acoustic and waveform data

    Strong IP portfolio

    3 granted and 3 pending patent families, largest proprietary datasets of its kind and strong IP strategy

    Current standard of care is insufficient

    Today the most accurate monitoring method for heart failure is a right heart catheterization. This is an invasive procedure performed by a cardiologist or pulmonologist with a team, room, and specialized equipment. A long catheter is inserted from an incision and guided to the heart and pulmonary arteries and measurements are taken throughout the process.

    It is a common procedure, but expensive and resource-intensive with unnecessary discomfort for the already fragile heart patient.

    Improved workflow with Acorai

    In the future, Acorai will be the non-invasive, equally accurate, alternative to the right heart catheterization.

    The patient won’t need to suffer an invasive procedure and measurements can be taken more frequently. Measuring with Acorai does not require a specialist team, room and other equipment. The device is simply held onto the patient’s chest for a few minutes after which the result is displayed.

    Acorai can improve workflow efficiencies and reduce costs while decreasing mortality rates and offering a better experience for the affected patient.

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    On a mission

    Existing heart failure treatment is invasive, time-consuming and costly, so in 2019 we founded Acorai and set out to develop the first scalable and non-invasive intracardiac pressure monitor in the world.

    Can we leverage a novel combination of non-invasive sensor technologies with state-of-the-art machine learning methods to accurately detect impending heart failure? The interim analysis after 200+ patients in our pilot study with two of Europe’s leading heart failure hospitals shows promising results.

    We believe that it has the potential to dramatically improve the health outcome for more than 60 million people suffering from heart failure around the world.

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